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Established originally as a hunting club in the 80’s, LUX has been a sportsman’s paradise brimming with bear, waterfowl, whitetail deer, eastern wild turkey and small game.  The farm features approximately 9,000 acres of quality managed wildlife habitat featuring large agricultural fields, hardwood swamps, pine stands and some of the thickest native pocosin wetland you’ll ever see!  The wildlife is supported by over 2500 acres of fertile farmland producing high yields of commercial corn and soybeans in the summer. While numerous food plots and well managed native habitat provide plenty of food throughout the winter and spring.  Over the past 5 years LUX has averaged an annual harvested bear weight of 500 lbs.  LUX also holds the title for harvesting the second largest black bear in North Carolina at 784 lbs.

Lux Farms

The Hunt

To ensure we deliver a world class bear, we only offer hunts to six hunters a year. To guarantee an exceptional experience we only have three hunters in camp at a time, and only hunt the first week of the first season.

In the field you will likely be in a tower stand or ground blind.  You will also be accompanied by a guide at all times, while your guide’s job is to make sure you are in position and set up for the shot when the time comes.  We try to take all of our shots within 100 yards.  

In the event the bears do not cooperate on a still hunt, we will call in the houndsmen.  Hound hunting is an exciting and challenging method of hunting that will provide you with a story of a lifetime.  These shots can be up to 50 feet or even as close as point blank.

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Cypress Park

The Lodge

Located on the Southside of LUX you will find Cypress Park.  Cypress Park is a privately owned Lodge equipped for hunting and entertaining.  With six guest rooms, an outdoor entertaining facility, fully stocked bar and Wi-Fi this is not your typical cabin in the woods.  Guest will experience excellent meals prepared by a talented chef featuring local seafood, wild game and American classics.  The hospitality team is also there to ensure a clean and cozy environment to help you relax when out of the field.

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